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Eric Kwasnjuk Acting Showreel 2019

“Happy Earth Co”
Award Winning International Short Film

The Cape of Good Humor

Momento Mori
Short Film, South Africa

Temple of the Dog
Short Film, South Africa

“Zack Galifinakis my Old Comedy Friend”
Comedy on stage

Directed by Hylton Jandrell
Award-winning Short Film, South Africa

“Who U Kiddin?”
 Sitcom Pilot


“I have known Eric Nikolaus Kwasnjuk for more than a decade. He was a valuable and dedicated employee for three years at my Company, Bellacasa Productions, headquartered at Universal Studios and assisted me in all areas related to the company’s functions and goals. Those areas included the day to day running of our offices and the creative development of various feature film projects. Eric’s capabilities as a screenwriter came to my attention when he asked me to read his first attempt at screenwriting, “5431 N. FRONT ST”…a coming of age story set in the summer of 1976 Philadelphia and Johannesburg. I’d rank it among one of the best “first efforts” I’ve ever read. I can, without reservation, fully recommend Eric for your program despite the fact that he looks a little funny. Sincerely,”

Frank LaLoggia

Director/Producer, MGM, Universal Studios, President of Bella Casa Productions

“Eric Kwasnjuk is one of the most realest people I have the privilege of knowing. He is a passionate story teller who will research the facts to make sure he stays as authentic to the culture and history of the stories he tells. Spend 2 minutes in Eric’s company and you will instantly love him”

Leslie Lendis

Film Producer, AFDA Film Studios, Cape Town, South Africa

“Eric Nikolaus Kwasnjuk, in short, overflows with talent. Not only does he stand out from the crowd, he was probably the one that created the crowd. I’ll never forget the day I met him on campus. I’d been curious for about a week if he would be willing to play a small role in a short film I was directing. He seemed taken aback but agreed. As a student director at the time, it was very rare or even completely unheard-of to come across an actor who dedicated his time and energy to understanding what was needed for the role.

Little did I know that Eric’s performance would steal the audience’s heart! He was exceptional. After that, I had to get him on board as the lead role as ‘John’ for ‘Happy Earth Co.’ I knew he would be a perfect lead as he had all the tools of a professional actor and since our last film together, I knew he wrote screenplays and directed, which is always a great help when collaborating ideas about his character development in the early stages of the film process. Without Eric as ‘John,’ the film would never have worked nearly as well as it did. He brought laughter and tears. Without Eric’s powerful performance, the film would have never won “Best film” and “Critic’s Choice” award.

On Eric’s set for his 4th year TV Sitcom “Who U Kiddin?” I noticed how committed and careful he was a director. The script was vivid and funny and spoke true to who he was as a person, which is key for a successful story. His documentary, “Cape of Good Humour” set around his family and his backstory, provided such a personal touch to this project that I had never seen before, it was truly inspirational.

Eric is one of the most unique, passionate and dedicated actors I’ve ever come across and I have great confidence that he will strive to the top in this highly competitive industry.

Hylton Jandrell

Editor, Writer, Director